Thai and Asian Dating websites

There are literally hundreds of online Asian dating websites covering Thailand and beyond. We are reviewing the best of these sites. We cover mainly websites with a predominantly Thai female membership, although we have now expanded this to cover site with multi-national categories and also sites specific to other countries. We also review the best Thai, and now non Thai, ladyboy websites.

What to look for in Asian Dating websites?

The obvious answer is it is impossible to say because everyone is looking for different things. There are however a few basic things to consider before you take the plunge. These tips rather assume you are looking to join one site, as a paid member, although there is nothing to stop you trying many.

Firstly are you looking for a serious relationship or for just chat and perhaps casual dates? Some websites are far more geared to one than the other and this can be reflected in their vetting procedures and pricing structures. For example Thai Cupid can be better for people looking for relationships whilst Thai Friendly is better for those looking for chat or casual dating.

Secondly, don’t be fooled by some site’s claims about their size. Again using the same examples, Thai Cupid has 1.5 million members, Thai Friendly 1.4. But ThaiFriendly is eight years younger and has a FAR greater number of both current and active users. All the sites off free initial registration so you can sign up and get a feel for how many active members each site actually has.

Direct Links to the most popular platforms

We would suggest you take the time to read our reviews but if you just can’t wait here are some direct links to the best, and busiest Asian Dating Websites.

Date in Asia – the biggest, and most active site by far. Predominantly Philippines orientated and seemingly a place to be exceptionally careful despite the fact it is 100% free at all levels. This is not a site we would recommend despite it being free.

Thai Cupid – one of many claiming to be the biggest Thai dating website. It has 1.5 million registered users but a low activity rate.

Thai Friendly – another claiming to be the biggest but with some justification. It has 1.4 million registered users and climbing daily. It is by far the most active Thai dating site with thousands online at any given time.

Thai Love Lines – yet another claiming to be the biggest but a real dinosaur these days with far fewer active users than any of the above.

Add Asian Dating websites

If you are the owner, or member, of a dating website we have not covered you can request we add the site using the contact form on our Add a Site page.

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