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Date in Asia, often referred to as simply DIA, is the largest of the many multi-country Asian Dating websites. It is a 100% free website, making its money from solely from carrying advertising. It has girls mainly from The Philippines and Thailand but also from many others, Notably Indonesia, China Cambodia and Vietnam. Over the last few years it has become less popular in Thailand and Indonesians probably now make up the 2nd largest active group, after the Philippines.

In around 2011 it was almost certainly the most active Asian dating website but this has been eroded by the launch of other sites such as Thaifriendly who offer a free option plus more functionality. Functionality on DIA is very basic, especially compared to the subscription websites, but the unlimited messaging means it remains popular.

It also suffered historically from a major problem with scammers and fake accounts. This is a natural consequence of the fact that it is 100% free. It would be fair to say that the site owners and administrators have made serious efforts to reduce these problems in the last few years.

Overall review of Date in Asia

Although the site is free and has massive membership numbers the functionality is now way behind other sites and the membership volume is not reflected in real activity. If you are looking for “fun” it is well worth joining. If you are looking for anything more meaningful there are far better options.

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Facebook – The official Facebook Page was inactive since 2011 and eventually closed in July 2016.

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  1. I recently rejoined DiA. Sent three messages and got a message to say my account had been cancelled. My messaged were just “hi how are you?” Etc. nothing bad. No idea why i got banned but its no big deal as many other optiobs.

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