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Thai Friendly claims to be the largest Thai dating site. As both Thai Love Lines and Cupid Thai make the same claim it is difficult to know who is telling the truth although Thai Love Lines is in reality much smaller. However, of the “big three” it is certainly the youngest so it has far less dead wood. It also has a far higher “active” membership due to the fact you can use all functions free of charge (see below). This means it would be safe to say it has the largest “active” membership of all the Thai Dating Websites.

At the time of this latest update (May 2021) it has over 2.5 Million members and it seems to have around 16,000 members online at any time although this can a lot higher at peak times. Obviously the number online varies depending on the time of day but that is a reasonable average. It is now so successful that it gets over 500 new sign-ups every day.

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It offers all the functions you expect from a dating website without the costs involved on other sites. In other words it is free! The free version only allows you to send one private message every ten minutes. If you need to send more you need to upgrade to the paid version which is $25. You will also find that far more people contact YOU if you are on the paid option and they are also more likely to reply to your messages. Our test showed you will get around 20 messages per day using the free option but this shoots up to closer to 200 on the paid one.

Overall, it is the busiest and most user-friendly of the big three Thai Dating Websites.

Thai Friendly contact links

ThaiFriendly Website

ThaiFriendly on Facebook – INACTIVE
ThaiFriendly ladyboy only websitemore info

Other websites

They also operates the following websites.

Thai Friendly Ladyboys – ladyboy only version of the Thai Friendly website
Pina Love – date beautiful girls from the Philippines.
Filipina Ladyboys – as it says on the tin.
Vietnamese Love – meet ladies from all over Vietnam.

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